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Pain Management Specialists & Opioid Addiction Treatment located in Pinehurst, NC & Raleigh, NC

Based on their commitment to comprehensive medical care and a patient-first philosophy, Dr. Francis C. Corrigan and the team at Solas Health offer a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program for drug addiction to residents in North Carolina. Their program focuses on treating addiction to opiates and restoring opportunities for a productive and hopeful future. ​ Most insurance plans are accepted for addiction treatment, including North Carolina Medicaid. Please see the insurance page on this website.

Addiction Q&A

What is medication-assisted treatment for addiction?

Solas Health has a very strong commitment to treatment of substance use disorder patients. We have 10 buprenorphine certified providers, and we provide medication assisted treatment of opioid use disorder at all locations. In addition, we have available counseling and psychiatric care. All substance use disorder patients will have a thorough medical evaluation. We will develop and customized treatment plan based on each patient’s individual needs. Because we are in network with more than 25 different insurances, including Medicaid, so most insured patients never have to pay more than their copay or deductible in order to have the best treatment available. We believe that our style of outpatient treatment will provide the best treatment success possible.

How does MAT help with addictions?

The prescribed medication helps normalize brain chemistry and blocks the euphoric effects of opioids. This action relieves the psychological cravings addicts experience for the abused drug. MAT medications also help normalize body function so that the recovering drug addict feels physically improved without the negative consequences of the abused drug. Medications used in MAT programs are FDA approved. The program is clinically focused, very structured, and designed to meet patient needs. It also requires the patient to undergo intensive counseling and participate in community support programs.  

Why use MAT for addiction?

Drug addiction typically involves the compulsive use of drugs regardless of the negative consequence to an individual’s physical health, financial security, and social relationships. Perhaps most familiar as methadone clinics created to provide hope for individuals suffering from heroin addiction, research has shown MAT to be an effective treatment for drug addiction. It’s only part of recovery and requires steadfast commitment from the addict to produce success. But the team at Solas Health firmly believes that those suffering from addiction can succeed in breaking their destructive patterns by following a closely managed MATprogram.

Dr. Corrigan and his staff encourage residents in the North Carolina communities of Pinehurst and Cary who suffer from drug addiction to contact Solas Health for evaluation and consideration for entry into a confidential and compassionate outpatient treatment program.


Solas Health is in network with most insurance plans and we file most insurance claims electronically. Here is a partial list of insurance plans we are in network with:

America's 1st Choice
Blue Cross Blue Shield
First Carolina Care
Physicians Mutual
United Healthcare
Universal Healthcare
Workers Compensation
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